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Mighty is the tiny Spotify and Amazon Music player
Mighty plays your Spotify and Amazon Music without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.
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Slow to start

Works well but a bit long to turn on

Our Daughter loves it

We bought a mighty for our (6 year old) daughter: she loves it! It allows her to be autonomous and listen to her own music. It's easy to use and since it can be used offline great while on the road as well!

No updates possible anymore….

I bought a Mighty some time ago and really loved it at the beginning. Then I had a longer time when I didn‘t use it. After one year I found it again and thought it would be great to start use it again. I loaded batteries and then tried to upload music via the app. The app told me to update the firmware. I tried this a dozen times, but the update never worked and the app dies not work with the old firmware as well. I contacted Mighty support and their advice never worked out. They never suggested something like an exchange or other possible solution. I was left alone and the Mighty is ready for the trash now. Really bad customer service. So in my case definitely not recommendable.

Une super idée mais pas aboutie...

Nous avons voulu offrir un mighty à notre fils de 4 ans pour lui permettre d'écouter ses playlists en toute autonomie. Le concept du mighty est vraiment super : pas d'écran, lié à Spotify, facile d'utilisation quand on est un peu bilingue... Mais le produit n'est pas du tout abouti, l'autonomie est très courte et les pannes sont récurrentes. Dommage...

The best option for offline listening

I have a mighty for more than 3 yewrs now and i still love it. You can listen to high quality music and you don’t need to get mp3 files from shady websites. I have only 2 minor problems. 1: you can’t save complete albums only playlists and podcasts. 2: for the bluetooth comnection you need a phone every time. My mighty can’t connect automatically to the latest used bluetooth device, even if I haven’t used any of them with other devices since i used them together.
However, these don’t effect my 5 star rating! :)

We make our own mixtapes...
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The press
" Mighty helps you focus entirely on you and your music without worrying about distractions. "
" This little device got me through all of my solo 20 milers. "
" A tiny Spotify player that frees you from your phone. "
" Don’t worry runners, this device replaces the dead iPod Shuffle. "
" The Spotify iPod Shuffle I’ve been asking for forever, this is HUGE. "
" Judging by the voracious response, people are hungry for it."
" Mighty Vibe is the ultimate fitness tool. "
" Thanks to improvements to Bluetooth and battery life, the Mighty Vibe delivers. "
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