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Mighty is de kleine Spotify- en Amazon Music-speler
Mighty speelt jouw Spotify- en Amazon-muziek af zonder telefoon, scherm of internetverbinding.
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2 weeks in, so far, so good!

We bought our Mighty from Amazon as it was unavailable on the official website. We set it up according to the instructions and it has been working fine since then. We use it so our younger kids can enjoy their music without the need for wifi or cell phones. We are not native English speakers but, with minimal instructions, the kids got used to it immediately. The only thing I would point out is that, as the instructions recommend, Mighty does need to be plugged in when synchronising, as this reduces battery life quite significantly if it's not plugged in. Otherwise, as the title says, so far so good! Would buy it again.

Do not buy this

This product is a complete waste of time and money it worked for around 1 month I was promised a replacement that never came now customer support won't even answer me please do now buy this product you will be very disappointed

Andreas Bahr
Klein und fein - super Gerät

Ein tolles Gerät. Es macht genau das, was es verspricht und das macht es auch richtig gut. Die Einrichtung war super einfach und schnell. In 5-10 Minuten war die erste Playlist geladen. Funktioniert einwandfrei mit Spotify, die Bedienung ist super einfach. Synchronisation geht schnell innerhalb weniger Minuten. Ich benutze es für meine Kinder, damit sie ohne Bildschirm ihre Musik und Hörbücher hören können.

Love my mighty!

My old bulky mp3 player still works fine, but it's a hassle to get podcasts on it. It also only takes mp3s, meaning I constantly need to either convert youtube clips to mp3, or download an mp3 from sus sources.

The Mighty has completely changed the way I listen to music! I just tell it to keep up-to-date with the latest podcasts and latest albums, and off it goes. Brilliant!

Never got it working, lost patience with it and now out of warranty.

I bought this for my daughter and never got it working properly. Problems pairing headphones, problems connecting to wifi, problems syncing, problems problems and more problems. It stayed in my drawer unused until last week I decided to invest time into getting it working and using it myself. So I reached out to their support to explain my problems, not connecting to WIFI and a red LED appearing while charging. I spoke with Dexter who eventually confirmed the unit was defective but the warranty had just expired by 2 months. I explained all of the above and requested a good will gesture replacement given the issues highlighted above. 6 days later and no reply from Dexter ....very disappointing. In summary poor product, poor support, pure waste of money

(RE: support ticket #83735)

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De pers
"Mighty helpt je om je volledig op jezelf en je muziek te concentreren zonder je zorgen te maken over afleidingen."
"Dit kleine apparaatje heeft me door al mijn solo marathons geholpen."
"Een kleine Spotify-speler die je bevrijdt van je telefoon."
"Maak je geen zorgen hardlopers, dit apparaat vervangt de niet meer leverbare iPod Shuffle."
"De Spotify iPod Shuffle waar ik al een eeuwigheid om vraag, dit is GEWELDIG."
"De mensen hebben er honger naar, te oordelen naar de vraatzuchtige respons."
"De Mighty Vibe is het ultieme hulpmiddel voor fitness."
"Dankzij verbeteringen aan bluetooth en batterlevensduur, maakt de Mighty Vibe het waar."
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